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A 360° Approach to Elevating Destination Marketing

How P.R. and Go Up Communication Partners successfully built a global and national brand for Valtellina Turismo through synergistic integrated marketing

Valtellina Turismo (the local tourism promotion agency) contacted P.R. and Go Up Communication Partners in 2017 to establish its identity on a national scale. It was the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership that still continues.

Valtellina is a beautiful alpine valley in Lombardy, a region that lies in northern Italy and borders Switzerland. It has a strong cultural and gastronomic identity and is a popular sports destination, offering biking in summer and skiing in winter. It is well-known among Lombards, but Valtellina Turismo wanted to extend its reach beyond the region to a national and global market.

In 2021, it was confirmed that the region’s two main ski resorts will host competitions in the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. However, Valtellina is not mentioned in the official event description, making it crucial to establish strong brand awareness well before the event, which will attract significant global attention.

Faced with the need to build brand awareness in a short time and with a limited budget, P.R. and Go Up Communication Partners created an integrated marketing plan with the client, incorporating PR, influencer marketing, advertising, and digital marketing. Each component needed to work together to tell the story of the destination and celebrate its unique attributes, bringing into play the different seasons and different audiences (families, epicureans, sports lovers, religious tourists, and conscious travellers).

The Approach

Comprehensively mapping the USPs of each territory and the different target audiences was the foundation for the tailor-made, complementary and data-driven PR and advertising campaign.

A data-driven approach was key: regular market research was commissioned using the support of specialised institutes to measure the impact of the campaign on destination recognition, and to determine the actions to be taken in the following months.

The inclusion of all local stakeholders in the planning and execution phases of each project was equally important in reaching campaign goals – and delivering messages that were on brand, and would build trust in the audience.

Ultimately, a three-phase strategy was implemented:

Phase One
The first three-year period was dedicated to establishing and building area awareness. This was done in three ways:

• Unconventional communication (street and guerrilla marketing) targeting existing tourists already in the area.

• The creation of a blog with content produced by locals and influencers, highlighting the different USPs of the destination.

• PR introducing Valtellina to a national audience.

Phase Two
During the pandemic, PR activities were intensified to increase the region’s appeal among Italians looking for unusual destinations and staycations:

• A digital communication campaign aimed at both Italian and foreign audiences was launched to address the growing demand for privacy, isolation, and safety, showcasing how Valtellina’s mountainous location met these needs.

• TV marketing campaigns also became part of the strategy to support the goal of becoming a nationally recognised brand.

Phase Three

The launch of the new brand identity in 2021 further evolved the strategy:

 • PR efforts were increased, with a focus on enhancing the visibility of each territory’s unique attributes under a unified brand.

• Events were organised for journalists and influencers across Italy.

• Communication and advertising activities became more ambitious, centring around a new multi-subject brand awareness campaign in print, radio, web, and digital mediums across Italy and nearby European markets

The creative concept for 2023 positions Valtellina as the ideal vacation destination, catering to the unique preferences and desires of every type of traveller.

The Result

P.R. and Go Up Communication Partners’ integrated approach to communication enabled both horizontal and vertical audience reach.

Their interconnected, tailormade PR and advertising campaigns strengthened the Valtellina Turismo brand while broadening and increasing the effectiveness of their message.

The X-Factor

An integrated team P.R. and Go Up Communication Partners has an integrated team, meaning all agency departments work together in synergy towards a common goal. Their strategists constantly monitor the market in search of opportunities and trends; the creative department works on evolving the brand image; and the PR team adds valuable content, utilising media coverage to increase brand awareness. The result is a strong, 360-degree, comprehensive strategy.

 This integrated approach also allows the team to easily adjust and fine-tune the communication plan based on the needs and demands of different seasons throughout the year.

Expertise and passion P.R. and Go Up Communication Partners has extensive experience and knowledge of the travel and tourism industry and a passion for the products they promote, which gives them the ability to deliver excellence, even under challenging circumstances and in stressful periods