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Asia and the Gulf

In the context of recovery of the tourism activity in France and globally, GroupExpression organised a thematic breakfast on the potential of Asian and Middle Eastern markets for French tourism.

In collaboration with its two partners from the Travel Lifestyle Network, GHC Asia (Hong Kong) and AllDetails (Dubai), GroupExpression invited French tourism stakeholders on Wednesday, September 21 in Paris to discover the potential of these regions.

Isabel Tapp, CEO and founder of the AllDetails agency, and Kathleen Shannon, senior consultant for GHC Asia, presented key figures, challenges and specificities of their respective markets through relevant presentations and an exchange with guests.

Asia and the Middle East are fast-developing markets where there are numerous opportunities for French tourism professionals.

As Asian countries have been lagging behind in easing health restrictions, the recovery of tourism activities is somewhat slower than in other regions. Nevertheless, the feeling of Revenge Travel is present in this part of the world which represents half the global population.

With a population of 54 million people, Gulf countries present a massive opportunity with travellers spending up to six times more on holidays compared to other regions. In 2020, 40 million outbound trips were counted − a figure that is expected to swell to 61 million annual outbound trips by 2030.

This event is expected to be the first of many in partnership with other TLN agencies whose markets cover a large part of the globe.

Presentations of the 2 markets are available on request at