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Case Study: Air New Zealand Safety Video

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Air New Zealand


For the launch of Air New Zealand’s safety video ‘World’s Coolest Safety Video’, social and PR were all leveraged to maximise video views and to increase the reach of the campaign.


Alongside its global release on YouTube with subtitles in different languages and all available social media channels, Air New Zealand released the ‘World’s Coolest Safety Video’ video with German subtitles on its German Facebook page. Prior to and following the release, additional content, including behind the scenes videos were used as teaser and follow-up content, increasing the reach of the campaign.
A PR communications plan was put into place with the aim to place the video in consumer media, airline and travel media. The key objectives for the campaign were:
1. Increase awareness of Air New Zealand and destination New Zealand
2. Increase awareness of Air New Zealand’s engagement in the Antarctica and other environmental projects
3. Drive safety video views on the German Facebook page


The impressive ad equivalent value, the number of articles, the huge reach and the overall social media results show that the objectives were more than achieved.