Destination Canada

Destination Canada


In Mexicans’ minds there are no specific landmarks or particular events associated with Canada. The exception is Niagara Falls. Mexican purchases are driven by attractive sales in a very limited timeframe; this is the way they feel motivated to buy now. They love last minute opportunities and “in the moment” motivation. They are impulsive.

To overcome the “I will travel to Canada someday” syndrome, Travel Studio told Mexicans to travel now to Canada through a comprehensive campaign called Ahora es cuando (Now is the time) which speaks to their impulsive behavior.

Ahora es cuando is a term frequently used by Mexicans. It is used when two events coincide and lead to a decision. In this campaign the two events are a time-limited experience and price.


In March 2015, Travel Studio introduced a comprehensive campaign for Destination Canada called “Now is the Time” (Ahora es Cuando). The main objectives of this campaign were to showcase 9 specific experiences in order to introduce Canada’s landmarks in the Mexicans mind. Each experience was promoted during one month with attractive prices, in order to create an urgency sentiment and speak to Mexicans impulsive behavior to purchase. The campaign used diverse channels that include newspapers, websites, search-engine marketing tools and social media. PR efforts included developing a monthly newsletter for media as well as interviews and familiarization (FAM) trips around those experiences. All efforts led the consumer to the website where information and packages from tour operators were placed.

As part of the campaign, we also did cooperatives with 9 tour operators. All the materials that tour operators produced for these cooperatives were aligned with the “Now is the time” concept. In addition, Travel Studio partnered with Air Canada to promote the new seasonal flight to Montreal and with Aeromexico to promote the new flight to Vancouver.


The campaign had good results during the year and Canadian partners were pretty happy with the outcome. Through the PR efforts we achieved 1,735 stories about Canada with an ad equivalence of $9,606,542 CAD and an impact to 2,103,376,331 people. The campaign contributed for tour operators to book 5,945 passengers between March and November.

Also, during 2015’s third and fourth quarter, Travel Studio used a special tool for social listening in order to identify conversations outside Destination Canada’s sites and travel sites, where consumers were showing an interest in travelling and encourage them to pick Canada as their next destination. Besides this, we focused on increasing followers’ engagement in our social media by inviting them to join conversations by commenting, sharing and posting images.