Destination and TO promotion on home-shopping television for Peru

Lotte Tour Peru promotion on website | GEOCM


LOTTE TOUR, a Korean travel agency and client of TLN-member GEOCM, suggested selling the package travel product (Mexico+Peru Travel) through GS SHOP, home-shopping channel to PROMPERÚ in order to sell the package product and promote destinations in Peru. It went on air on the 18th of June, 2017. The theme of the product highlighted historical part of Peru and was mainly about two civilizations: Aztecan civilization and Incan civilization.


Since GEOCM has maintained a close relationship with travel agencies through workshops and meetings, GEOCM has collaborated with LOTTE TOUR and co-developed the travel product. It was to promote PROMPERÚ’s most wanted destinations in 4-day itinerary, including Cusco, Machu Picchu, Salineras, Moray and Lima. Not only was the product aired via GS SHOP television channel, but also the product was published via monthly’s advertorials, newspaper advertisements and special online exhibition placed on the website of LOTTE TOUR. This cooperation led the increase in travel product sales and the improved awareness of destinations in Peru.


  • Received over 1,900 calls on air
  • Obtained more than 500 customers among 771 seats Lotte Tour has for this project