Fiji Tourism Board


Despite various valuable attractions Fiji possesses, its general awareness in South Korea was relatively low. Public knowledge of Fiji was heavily confined to its availability as a popular vacation and honeymoon spot; Fiji would have received far greater attention from South Korean travelers, had other activities available to enjoy in Fiji been promoted to the general public.


In order to upgrade the perception of Fiji, we decided to focus on strengthening Fiji‟s brand with various programs designed to promote other more “adventurous” activities.

A 3-month “Feed the Sharks” Internship Program: This internship opportunity, designed to promote the adventurous outdoor activities available in Fiji, received a great amount of attention from the media as well as the general public. The internship, offered to the final four (4) candidates, initially recruited a total of 5,621 applicants, noticeably raising the awareness for Fiji for outdoor activities.


Initially recruited a total of 5,621 applicants
Successfully broadened the Fiji brand to reflect the adventurous and exciting aspect of the activities available, a change in line with Fiji Tourism Board’s expectation.