Long Distance Art – Global.Studio.Vienna


Background: Marketing stunts of the Vienna Tourist Board

  • Innovative and sleek marketing events in public space raising positive awareness for Vienna among a broad target audience
  • By promoting Vienna in an untraditional, attention-grabbing, content-focused way with below-the-line PR and marketing techniques, the potential for psychological reactance is minimized
  • Overall message: “You miss something if you don’t visit Vienna NOW“

Project „Long Distance Art – Global.Studio.Vienna“:

  • The Vienna-born artist Alex Kiessling created an artwork live in a public space in Vienna (“MuseumsQuartier”) on September 26th, 2013
  • At the same time, his drawings have been imitated by industrial robots in Berlin (Breitscheidplatz) and London (Trafalgar Square) by the aid of infrared cameras capturing the artists movements and sending them as signals via satellite connection to the robots.
  • All three cities have been connected to each other via screens so the audience in Berlin, Vienna and London was able to follow the happenings in all three cities live.
  • The event was a technical as well as an artistic premiere.


  • Promote Vienna as metropolis for contemporary art
  • Position WienTourismus / Vienna Tourist Board as a pioneer for innovative marketing events below-the-line
  • Generate the greatest possible media attention within Germany


  • Storytelling: Use the potential of the event to be told in different thematic stories. Positioning as an art event for art media, a technical premiere for technical & scientific media, a boulevard event for the daily press etc.
  • Keep the sleek, content-focused character of the event but promote WienTourismus / Vienna Tourist Board as initiator by arranging speaker options.
  • Create suspense over a long period of time with the aid of creative mailings, personal invitations and personal reminders offering more information in the long run. Thus, planning and executing the event like a product launch.
  • Include all media channels (news agencies, print, online, radio, social media, blogs) and approach them individually and timely. Pay special attention to news agencies & TV as distributors with an immensely wide spread.
  • Arrange individual appointments and react to individual media needs.
  • Take advantage of the parallel character of the event and approach media with partners in Vienna and London for joint stories.


Vienna and the Long Distance Art event were talk of town in the German media landscape. The event was featured in the top national TV news formats, picked up by all major news agencies, leading print, radio and online outlets, blogs and social media.

Print Coverage: approx. 14,143,043
TV Coverage: approx. 6,374,900
Radio Coverage: approx. 5,159,300
Online Coverage (Visits): approx. 886,831,004


Picture © Wien Tourismus / Michael Stelzhammer