Case study Rakuten Kobo Launch in Mexico


Rakuten Kobo, the retailer of e-books and e-readers with presence in more than 80 countries, launched its platform and devices in the Mexican market in 2015. The challenge was to position the company among consumers that already like e-reading but also the ones who don’t but enjoy traditional reading. Another challenge was that Amazon, its direct competitor, had started activities in the market one year before.


Rakuten Kobo entered the market in partnership with Porrua and Gandhi, the two most important book retailers in Mexico, so Travel Studio’s strategy was based on leveraging this. We distributed an announcement press release and coordinated interviews for the spokespeople of the three companies highlighting that for the very first time these two historic companies were working together, and that Kobo had made it possible.

Two months later, we coordinated the launch event hand by hand with Gandhi and Porrua, and prepared a creative concept that highlighted the beginning of a new era on the books market. We coordinated meetings between Kobo spokespeople and key opinion leaders of business and technology sources to communicate the importance of the investment in the market and the advantages of the devices. We are extending the momentum of this strategy by developing a review program where we are lending the devices to media to try and use them and write stories about them.


With the launch activities (two months) Travel Studio achieved 222 stories with an ad equivalence of $602,116 USD and 103’702,884 impacts on technology, business, culture and lifestyle media, encouraging the interest of the consumers in the devices and in the platform.