Showcasing The Gambia as a holiday destination at the The Hague African Festival


The objective for the Gambia Tourism Board was to increase awareness among the Dutch tourists about the destination which is mainly seen as sun and see but the cultural aspect of the country is not very high.

Baltus Communications approached the organisation of the yearly successful ‘The Hague African Festival’ to see how we can partner with the Gambia Tourism Board.
The Festival is about the multicultural society and a mix of music and dance and creativity. The city of The Hague does have a population of half a million residents and is very multi-cultural. In this way we could create awareness amongst an interesting public who might not know anything about The Gambia as holiday destination.


In order to increase awareness of The Gambia as a great holiday destination as well as introducing it to the public in general, the stage of the The Hague African Festival had to be combined with both an online and consumer related action.

The strategy was to provide an incentive to the public to attend the (free) festival in order to increase the audience for the showcase. For this we teamed up with the largest tour operator in The Netherlands, ARKE, to offer a holiday package to be raffled among the fans of the Dutch Facebook page of the destination.

To increase visibility a destination video was created to be shown on a large screen at the festival and 150 special t-shirts were made. These t-shirts were to be worn during a flash-mob, organised by the festival clearly with the logo of The Gambia.


The festival attracted an audience of over 10.000 people. Prior the festival we had an interview on the destination at the website of the festival and broadcasting-channel ‘TV West’ reported the festival live on television, this audience had been multiplied.

The organisation of the The Hague African Festival announced the partnership with the Gambia and the raffle on their website and newsletter, which was sent to 35.000 people. At the festival this price of the holiday package was presented by us on stage.

With the visibility of the t-shirts, the destination video and the announcement of the winner of the holiday packages The Hague got acquainted with The Gambia in a positive way.