What is a GLOCAL press office?

Travel Lifestyle Network

Since 2015 B4Tcomm has been a member of Travel Lifestyle Network, a global network of communications agencies that are present in more than 20 countries, led by recognized professionals who are directly involved in the management of results and strategic planning of their clients.


Through the network the members exchange knowledge, share success cases and anticipate global trends for their local reality. Besides that, the clients of these agencies who want to be promoted in any of the countries where the agency is present, can do that from their country of origin, in their own language and with a communication plan organized in an integrated way. It all happens because the agency which serves you locally is the one which will make the contact and the planning management globally approved.


Last June, from 18th to the 21st, the agencies’ owners who are members of TLN met in Barcelona, Spain, at the Annual Meeting of Travel Lifestyle Network. In the agenda: case studies, project development, benchmarking and, of course, everything that is essential for the excellent and continuing relationship with journalists and digital influencers.


How to be a different press office? How to deliver more and better to the clients? What will the future of the media be in a world that is getting more and more digital and less and less analogical? These and other questions are much easier when discussed among professional colleagues with individual experiences who transform the knowledge into something collective and unlimited.


In 2018 the Annual Meeting of Travel Lifestyle Network is going to be in São Paulo, B4Tcomm headquarters, and we are very happy with this achievement. After all, in less than two years as a member of the Network, we take our local experience to the world, a world that is increasingly globalized. Get out of your space and conquer the world with our network expertise!


Travel Lifestyle Network | Annual General Meeting, Barcelona, 2017











“After all… global reach, with local expertise…GLOCAL is in our DNA”