Successful 16th edition of Travel Pressentation media event in The Netherlands

Travel Pressentation media event The Netherlands - Baltus Communications | Travel Lifestyle Network

On 28 October 2016, Dutch Travel Lifestyle Network member Baltus Communications co-hosted the 16th edition of the very successful media concept ‘Travel Pressentation’. This media event is the largest in The Netherlands – and by extension the Benelux – and offers a one-stop-shop for (travel) media who can speed date with 30+ attending tourism boards, hotels, airlines and other travel organizations at just one location on one day. This year Baltus Communications welcomed 120+ media to Travel Pressentation which took place in the central city of Utrecht.


While in all markets the media landscape is rapidly changing, the Dutch are frontrunners where all things online are concerned. With one of the highest internet penetrations worldwide and a very high usage of social media, this has changed the media landscape in the country. Bloggers, vloggers, online influencers and web editors… this group of online media formed the largest share of the attendees. While some tourism organizations are still a little hesitant towards this ‘new’ kind of media, many of the participants are very positive about this change, allowing them to improve their online presence. When it comes to print media we can see a change in structure as editorial offices have to downscale on permanent staff while the number of freelance journalists is increasing.


Travel Pressentation is a platform at which media and participants can speed date to discuss both the product (destination, brand or service) and the platform (magazine, newspaper, blog, Instagram-account) and seek collaboration opportunities. This year NBTC NIPO Research gave a presentation on the travel market of The Netherlands, including statistics and trends. Some key learnings from the presentation are:


  • 35.1 million holidays taken in 2015
  • Population of 17 million people
  • Average of 2.77 holidays per person
  • 80% holiday participation rate
  • Top 3 destinations: Germany, France and Spain
  • Norway is considered to be the best destination based on quality of service, accommodations and the price levels of accommodations/restaurants and groceries
  • The Dutch travel more often but take shorter trips


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Travel Pressentation media event in The Netherlands - Baltus Communications | Travel Lifestyle Network