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At TLN, we are not just a network; we are a vibrant tapestry of diverse cultures, ideas, and expertise that spans across continents. With a presence in America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, and Africa, we have established ourselves as a pivotal player in the travel industry, connecting the world one destination at a time.

Our passion for travel, coupled with our unwavering dedication, has allowed us to expand our horizons and explore new territories and countries with boundless excitement.

In the world of travel, TLN stands as a beacon of excellence, bringing together a consortium of remarkable member agencies. Each agency in our network is a testament to innovation, creativity, and unparalleled dedication to the travel domain. Allow us to introduce you to the heart and soul of our network:

AllDetails (United Arab Emirates):

AllDetails Middle East, located in Dubai, is an award-winning boutique PR and communications agency operating in the GCC region. They offer comprehensive PR services, blending traditional and digital approaches to tell engaging stories for brands- With a focus in the Middle East market.

“UAE is the fastest growing economy in the GCC region thanks to the strong initiatives of the local government. As one of the leading communications agencies in the region, we at AllDetails are very proud to be a part of this fast-growing city and thrilled about the growth and future of Dubai, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the whole of the GCC region.”
– Isabel Tapp, Founder & CEO.

Anne Wild & Associates (Australia & NZ):

Anne Wild & Associates (AWA) is a boutique PR consultancy based in Australia. They focus on travel & lifestyle and business & innovation sectors, offering comprehensive communication services. With strategic partnerships in place, they provide integrated solutions, including research, media relations, digital communications, crisis management, and event management. AWA is known for its loyal clients and high-profile campaigns, driven by sound research and analysis.

Australia is a nation of explorers – we travel the farthest, more often and for longer periods than holidaymakers from most other markets – and we spend more money while doing it! We are continually working in close collaboration with our travel clients to deliver integrated, innovative and impactful solutions, designed to achieve measurable results from our fast-growing market.”
– Anne Wild, Managing Director.

Baltus Communications (The Netherlands, Belgium & Luxemborg (BENELUX)):

Baltus Communications, based in the Netherlands, is a 100% travel PR and marketing communications agency. With extensive experience in the travel industry, they specialize in reaching the Benelux market. They craft strategic messages, understand consumer behaviour, and have deep insights into media and blogger landscapes, making them experts in brand promotion.

“We know the media and bloggers scene, travel industry and consumer behaviour in the Benelux better than your daily trip from home to work. We have been eating, drinking, savouring, touching, smelling, tasting and absorbing travel and tourism developments in the Benelux for over 20 years so know the industry inside out. Quality PR is a choice. Yours!”
– Marcel Baltus, Director.

Big Ambitions (South Africa):

Big Ambitions, based in South Africa, specializes in content, communications, and marketing for the travel, tourism, and leisure industry. Their services range from crisis communications and strategic resources development for travel associations to SEO, copywriting, and PR content for various travel brands across Africa. With a deep understanding of the African continent, they cater to clients such as Norwegian Cruise Line, Flight Centre, and industry associations like ASATA and SATSA.

“We go beyond tick-the-box travel marketing to help businesses connect meaningfully with their customers, so they create loyal advocates who advocate on their behalf when they’re not in the room.”
– Natalia Rosa, Founder and CEO.

Flair Inc. (Japan):

FLAIR Inc. is an independent boutique PR agency that operates independently in the bustling city of Tokyo. The niche agency provides tailored sales promotional and media strategies to each client they represent. With direct contacts, not only with Japanese media but influencers, celebrities and wealthy individuals, FLAIR specializes in public relations and sales promotional consultation, mainly for international luxury travel, fashion, high-jewellery, beauty, and lifestyle brands.

“At FLAIR, we understand that representing luxury isn’t just a profession; it’s a passion and an unwavering commitment to redefining the very essence of sophistication for each client.”
– Akiko OKABE, President of FLAIR Marketing Agency.

GEOCM (Korea):

GEOCM is a boutique communications firm in South Korea, focusing on travel and lifestyle fields. They specialize in creating real-time, transparent dialogues to introduce new destinations to the Korean market. With expertise in travel and leisure, they work closely with multinational clients and foreign government organizations, showcasing the value of destinations and travel experiences.

“South Korea is one of the leading markets in the travel and tourism industries. Our main goal is to share new and adventurous destinations with the Korean market by engaging in real-time, transparent dialogues using the most tailored and effective sources and channels of information. GEOCM has a track record of success and represents foreign government organizations is one of our specialities.”
– Bosoon Choi, Founder & CEO.

GHC Asia (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore):

GHC Asia is a leading PR agency in Asia, specializing in travel, tourism, hospitality, luxury, and lifestyle sectors. With experienced teams in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore, they deliver strategic, results-driven campaigns for clients. Their media relationships and business networks are unparalleled, making them a valuable partner for building brands in Asia and beyond.

“We’ve been the leading PR agency specialising in travel and tourism in Greater China for over 20 years. The way we do things may have changed dramatically, but the core values of integrity, passion and great storytelling are still very much the same.”
– Paul Hicks, Founder & Chairman.

GroupExpression (France):

GroupExpression, a collaboration of exPRession and TQC, provides customized marketing and communication campaigns for destinations, airlines, hotels, cruises, and lifestyle sectors in the French market. They focus on integrating communications across various channels to enhance brand consistency and engage consumers effectively. Their multi-dimensional approach ensures clients’ messages resonate with the target audience.

“Whatever we plan, we always keep in mind the consumer’s travel experience expectations, habits and the current travel trends. Our goal is to ensure that your brand’s messages are consistent across all communications channels and experienced in a multi-dimensional and integrated marketing communication strategy.”
– Stéphanie Picon, CEO.

Kleber Group (Germany):

KLEBER GROUP is a communication, PR, marketing and digital consultancy that is forward-thinking and goes beyond traditional strategies. Connecting brands with incremental audiences in new forms of communication like gaming and streaming is the agency’s bread and butter. With three decades of experience in the travel, lifestyle and luxury sector. Kleber Group are further expanding, making its services available in additional markets in the CEE, Eastern European Countries and Spain (OX).

“Our goal is to design, measure and control the experiences delivered at each and every one of the touch points of the client, their service and the product journey.”
– Hanna Kleber, Founder and President.

LoveBrand (Mexico):

LoveBrand excels in public relations, influencer marketing, event production, creative development, and digital marketing. They have strong relationships with influencers and VIPs, providing services that connect clients with their target audience. With expertise in core digital platforms and a creative approach, they have collaborated with international agencies like Nadine Johnson and Villa Eugénie.

“I was born in São Paulo with Italian grandparents and a Mexican heart. Living in the vibrating Mexico City since 2006 and moved from the financial market to PR.”
– Abelardo Marcondes, CEO.

LMA Digital (Toronto)

The Canadian multi-channel agency, LMA Digital, focuses on three pillars in its company manifesto: Locate, Model, and Amplify. LMA prides itself on finding the right audiences for brands, building bespoke strategies, and amplifying messages in sustainable campaigns.

“LMA Communications Inc. is thrilled to be joining the Travel Lifestyle Network. Partnering and learning from successful entrepreneurs around the globe will help the LMA Communications team continue to grow and foster long-lasting relationships. Exciting times ahead!”
– John Ozikizler, President and Owner of LMA Communications Inc.

Marelle Communications (Canada):

Marelle Communications, based in Montréal, Canada, is a PR and social media agency specializing in tourism, culture, arts, and lifestyle. They offer strategic consulting, media and press relations, social media management, event organization, and other personalized services. With an entrepreneurial spirit, they collaborate with advertising specialists and other professionals to provide comprehensive PR solutions.

“Collaborating with TLN members will give us the opportunity to share the best practices and to deploy public relations and social media campaigns locally and internationally.”
– Marilyne Levesque, Founder and CEO.

Message in A Bottle (Portugal)

Message in A Bottle is a communication, digital marketing and design agency that prides itself on business communication, with a perfect strategy to generate positive results and brand awareness and explore new directions. Message in a Bottle believes all communication is dialogue – finding the right message, who to get it to and then developing and implementing strategic plans to harness positive results.

“Every brand is a story. At Message in a Bottle, we believe that content that is focused on storytelling generates more visits to websites and social networks. There is success in a story, which ultimately leads to stories of success.”
– Ruben Obadia, CEO.

One of You (Nordic Countries):

One of You are specialist in luxury tourism with deep knowledge of the Scandinavian market. They provide innovative solutions in sales, marketing and PR. Their team is responsible for creating some of the most innovative campaigns that drive exposure for the clients they are committed to and passionate about in the luxury travel arena. One of You believes that effective destination PR, marketing and sales is all about finding the best strategy. Their specialized talents in travel trade marketing and gatekeeper PR with a focus on maximum visibility by using all available mediums.

“Our local contact network is built on years of successful relationships with all the significant players. We know how to identify emerging trends in the Scandinavian market for destinations, resorts, spas hotels and cruise lines and we are passionate about brand awareness, and brand loyalty to help our clients maintain a competitive edge.”
–  Lena Skogström CEO.

One Whole Managing Reputation (Greece)

This boutique communications agency prides itself on working as its clients’ external trusted partner, an extension of the internal marketing/PR team. One Whole Managing Reputation is dedicated to delivering measurable results by offering a tailor-made and passionate approach to any given endeavour.

“We are delighted to join the Travel Lifestyle Network, an alliance of like-minded agencies that share our zeal for travel and lifestyle. Our commitment to delivering remarkable results and our dedication to our clients align seamlessly with the network’s core values. Together, we will create new horizons in the world of travel and lifestyle communication.” – Alexandra Kardami, CEO of One Whole Managing Reputation.

The PC Agency (United Kingdom):

The PC Agency, based in London, provides premium PR consultancy, trade representation, and crisis communications for travel and lifestyle brands globally. With a focus on the travel sector, they offer a range of services, including digital strategy, social media management, content creation, and crisis management. Founded by Paul Charles, known for his work as Sir Richard Branson’s Communications Director at Virgin Atlantic, the agency emphasizes brand-building consultancy and impactful campaigns.

“The number of people from the UK taking three or more holidays a year is increasing every year, as those travelling seek more premium, adventurous and experiential trips. The PC Agency works with emerging, and established, premium travel and tourism brands to amplify their key messages across media.”
– Paul Charles, Founder and CEO.

PR & Go Up Communication Partners (Italy):

PR & Go Up Communication Partners, established in 1987, is an integrated communications agency in Italy. They offer services ranging from marketing strategies and digital activities to PR, events, and press office management. Their flexible approach and expertise in various sectors make them a valuable partner for businesses looking to enhance their brand presence.

Travel and tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors. And Italy is one of the most significant key markets for huge investments, according to the latest surveys and statistics. To give an example, in 2019 the number of Italian tourists going abroad for their holidays will increase about 3 percent compared to the previous year.”
– Gloria Peccini, Co-founder & Director.

PR Pundit (India):

PR Pundit is a 20-year-old independent PR consultancy in India, specializing in various sectors, including travel and hospitality. With a team of over 80 client executives, they offer tailor-made strategies to deliver standout visibility for clients’ products and services. Their expertise lies in consumer brands, food & beverage, fashion, luxury, lifestyle, and technology, employing creative storytelling and innovative PR approaches.

“We go beyond the traditional, employing creativity and skilful storytelling to engage audiences and change the conversation. Uniquely positioned in consumer PR, we infuse dynamic, new energy into the conventional PR approach, pushing boundaries with passion to forge a new future for our clients.”
– Archana Jain, Founder & Managing Director.

Privée PR (Istanbul)

Privée PR is an international public relations and brand strategy agency for luxury, fashion, beauty, hospitality, lifestyle, art, culture, and design. This boutique communications agency in Turkey offers expertise and insights into developing successful, creative strategies and campaigns addressing specific business issues and raising awareness amongst target audiences.

“We are delighted to join the Travel Lifestyle Network. We believe we are in the right place to follow the luxury travel trends and expand our business globally. The world is now talking about different collaborations, and we are confident that we will curate creative collaborations within this network.” – Arzu Demirer, Founder and CEO of PrivéePR Istanbul.

PromoTourist (Spain):

Promotourist, operating from Spain, offers PR, marketing, and trade representation services for tourism, gastronomy, and lifestyle sectors. They collaborate with various clients, including tourism boards, hotels, and restaurants, to raise brand awareness and engage with media and trade relationships worldwide. Their expertise lies in creating tailored strategies to ensure clients stand out in a competitive market.

“We help brands understand how to interact with the media landscape and trade relationships worldwide. At Promotourist we turn insights into valuable opportunities for our clients who face a highly competitive environment. Making them stand out is our task and pleasure.”
– Eduard Moret, CEO.

Scop3 Group (Indonesia):

SCOP3 Group is a leading communications and sales representation firm in Indonesia’s hospitality industry. They focus on maximizing revenues for luxury lifestyle brands through their core pillars: Communications, Representation, and Contracting services. Their expertise and understanding of the high-end hospitality sector enable them to enhance partners’ competitiveness and market leadership.

“SCOP3’s innovative approach and deep understanding of the luxury hospitality industry are truly commendable. We don’t just set benchmarks; we are redefining them. It’s a privilege to witness the transformative impact they make, ensuring the highest levels of success for their partners.”
– Rene Mayer, CEO.

Sinergia Marketing Turistico (Argentina):

Sinergia Marketing Turístico is a communication and marketing agency focusing on the travel and lifestyle sector in South America. They provide PR, integrated marketing, and in-market trade representation services in Southern Cone source markets, including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Their approach emphasizes building long-term relationships, tailored strategies, and a combination of digital and face-to-face interactions to maximize marketing efforts.

“In South America personal contact still holds a strong place in doing business. Our goal is to support and empower international destinations and brands in their expansion to the region by adapting and directing their value proposition to maximize its impact and reach. Our hands-on collaborative approach on the ground supports clients’ objectives.”
– María José González, Founder & Director.

Terranova Tourism Marketing & Consultancy (Israel):

Terranova Tourism Marketing & Consultancy is an Israeli marketing company specializing in promoting global destinations and tourism-related brands in Israel. They offer a range of services, including marketing intelligence surveys, B2B trade events, social media activities, and media fam trips. Their focus on sustainable and inspirational tourism enables them to create brand awareness and increase market share in Israel.

“Travel is my passion; sustainable, responsible and inspirational tourism is my vision and Israel is my exciting home market. We are privileged to combine passion, vision and business by being the Marketing & PR Voice in Israel of great Tourism Boards and brands that have a keen interest in our outbound market.”
– Dov Kalmann, CEO.

Zapwater Communications (USA):

Zapwater Communications is an award-winning integrated communications agency with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. They specialize in five lifestyle categories: Consumer Services & Products, Design & Real Estate, Fashion, Beauty & Retail, Hospitality, and Travel & Destination. Known for their creativity, global partnerships, and expertise, they create original tactics to enhance brand awareness and customer engagement.

“Millennial travellers are prioritizing destinations based on ‘Instagrammability’ over price. Given these trends and Zapwater’s expertise in travel, we’re excited to see what the projected growth will do for our destination, hotel and resort clients.”
– David Zapata, President & Founder.

It’s clear that we are more than just a network; we are a global family bound by our love for travel and the shared vision of making the world a smaller, more interconnected place. As we navigate this exciting journey together, let’s encourage each other to keep the conversation flowing and get to know one another better. After all, our diversity is our strength, and it’s through collaboration and understanding that we can achieve remarkable feats.

Let’s share our stories, exchange ideas, and inspire each other to create unforgettable travel experiences for the world. Together, we can achieve greatness and redefine the future of travel.