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Travel Lifestyle Network announces new member

Public relations agency Marelle Communications joins the Travel Lifestyle Network (TLN), a global network of independent public relations agencies specializing in the tourism and lifestyle sectors.
With TLN, Marelle Communications will benefit from the expertise of more than 350 specialists on five continents to share best practices in public relations. In addition, Marelle Communications’ clients will have access to agencies from around the world to promote their brand internationally, including the United States, France, Brazil, Germany, Israel and Australia, to name a few.

“Over the past few years, Marelle Communications has developed a strong expertise in the tourism, cultural and lifestyle sectors. Joining TLN will allow us to remain abreast of global trends in these sectors and benefit from worldwide expertise to better advise our clients. This new partnership is an integral part of our growth plan”, explains Marilyne Levesque, founder of Marelle Communications.
TLN-member agencies offer a full range of communication services for a variety of clients such as tourism boards, resorts, tourist destinations and attractions, airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, fashion, food and beverage as well as luxury-focused industries.

David Zapata, President and CEO of Chicago-based Zapwater Communications and a member of TLN’s Board of Directors for the Americas, views Marelle Communications as a great asset to the network.
“TLN’s strength is that we can respond to international tenders and have rapid access to a list of contacts. Because our business ties are a natural fit, it was essential to expand our network with a Canadian agency. Marelle Communications has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the tourism sector, in addition to presenting stellar client references. I am convinced that this new collaboration will bring exciting opportunities for our clients.”
Marelle Communications becomes the only Canadian agency in the TLN global network.

A first regional meeting for agencies in the Americas
To mark her arrival in the TLN network, Marilyne Levesque participated in the first regional meeting of TLN’s member agencies in the Americas, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina last March 3 and 4.
North and South American partners in the global network include B4TCOMM of Brazil, Sinergia Marketing Turistico of Argentina, Zapwater Communications of the United States and Marelle Communications of Canada. The purpose of this important meeting was to discuss future collaborations between member agencies in the Americas, as a strong recovery in tourism is expected following a few difficult years due to the global pandemic.